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Short Stories

Lean Pickings

A knight turned corpse robber is hired to perform a dark deed. Little does he know, a secret will be revealed. 

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Episode 8: Dakagna: Queen of Swords

Dakagna, a warrior cursed to wander, seeks a cure at a mystical city. The only thing she trusts is her broadsword Ferro. The only things that will get in her way are monsters, magic, and betrayal. 

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The Crow in the Red Snow

The Animal Within

Meet the Author

Hello, I’m W.J.Lewis. I write speculative fiction adventure stories with heart.

I’m currently writing my undersea speculative fiction series, The Nine Ships, for Indie publication, and am querying two fantasy novels (a YA Arthurian retelling, and a portal fantasy) with a view to traditional publication.

W.J.Lewis is a pen name, and in my other life I act and write and perform for radio, screen and stage.

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